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Justin Bieber Inspired Rob Lowe To Get Roasted

rob lowe justin bieber roast inspiration 2Rob Lowe sat through some serious punishment during his roast on Comedy Central over the weekend. While Ann Coulter’s bad jokes almost stole the show, Rob still received his fair share of zingers. On the red carpet before the show started, he shared what inspired him to finally sign on to get roasted. Turns out it was Justin Bieber.

“The Bieber roast last year was so good and so funny,” Rob told E! News. “They’ve asked me to do it a bunch and I’ve always said, ‘No.’ I was watching last year going, ‘You know what, dude? Man up. Really, grow a pair.’ And so, I’m here to let it fly.”

Rob apparently decided that he’s more of a man than Justin, so he could handle it if Justin could.

Check out what else Rob had to say below.

(Photo credits: Rob Lowe Instagram; JBCrewDotCom Twitter account)

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