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Demi Lovato’s “Confident” Video Will Be Like a “High Octane Action Film” Says Director Robert Rodriguez

Demi Lovato ConfidentDemi Lovato is currently filming the music video for her single, “Confident.” She gave fans a sneak peek with a couple behind-the-scenes pics.

Robert Rodriguez, best known for his projects “From Dusk Till Dawn,” “Spy Kids,” and “Sin City,” is directing the video. Robert and Demi have previously worked together when she guest starred on “From Dusk Til Dawn,” which is why he decided to take on the “Confident” music video.

Demi hasn’t offered much information about the concept, but she did tweet that she jumped out of a bus and filmed some fight scenes, so we’re guessing that there will be some stunts involved.

Demi Lovato Confident music videoHowever, Robert did give a director’s perspective on what fans can expect to see. “I basically treated this like we were shooting a high octane action film, because she has the presence and star power to pull it off.  She’s incredible.”

From Demi’s Instagram posts, we also learned that the video will costar “Fast and the Furious” actress Michelle Rodriguez. 

Do you think Demi can pull off a “high octane” action video – and not look out of place?

(Photo Credit: Demi Lovato Instagram and Twitter account)

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