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Lorde Feels Personally Attacked By Her Latest Book Choice

Lorde Feels Personally Attacked By Her Latest Book Choice featureLorde took to Twitter to revel in her latest artistic experience. The singer tweeted about feeling “PERSONALLY ATTACKED” as she started reading “A Lover’s Discourse” by Roland Barthes. The singer debated with herself about how her new album, “Melodrama“, would’ve been affected if she had started reading the experimental 1977 book from the late French philosopher sooner.

“Is it a blessing that i didn’t read this pre-Melodrama, or a curse?” Lorde asked in a tweet. While she claimed initially that it was “hard to say,” she backtracked on that, writing that the album would’ve “burst into flames” if she’d been exposed to the writing sooner.

“A Lover’s Discourse” is famous for drawing on a variety of literature and the author’s own writing to create a fragmented and compelling look at the way great thinkers discuss the concept of love. It’s no surprise that the text is right up Lorde’s alley.

Maybe Lorde’s lyrics–or her comments on Taylor Swift–could appear in a similar text some day.

Check out everything Lorde had to say about Roland’s book below.

(Photo credit: Lorde Instagram account)

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