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DNCE Takes To Sea For The Mannequin Challenge, Zip Lines And JinJoo Lee’s Birthday

DNCE Performs For Royal Caribbean's Harmony of the SeasDNCE had the chance to perform “Cake by the Ocean” on the actual ocean thanks to Royal Caribbean. The cruise line invited the band to participate in its concert event, Harmony of the Seas, and oh what fun was had. Before the concert, Joe Jonas was spotted flying down the zip line. Afterwards, the bandmates were treated to a special pre-birthday dinner in honor of JinJoo Lee’s big day. DNCE’s Snapchat shows the pals singing to JinJoo, but not until after Cole Whittle and Joe stole the spotlight in a failed attempt at the Mannequin Challenge.

“I just want to eat my food like a normal person,” Jack Lawless jokingly groans. “Guys, we are not doing the mannequin thing anymore. It’s over. We’re not doing it.” The camera closes in on Cole and Joe, who are taking the challenge seriously and ignoring the pleas.

Check out photos and video from DNCE’s cruise ship fun below.

(Photo credits: Joe Jonas and DNCE Instagram accounts, DNCEBrasil, Joe Jonas, JosephJUpdates, DNCEpromos and starstruckfans2 Twitter accounts)

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