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Ryan Adams Finishes Full Cover Album of Taylor Swift’s “1989,” Debuts First Single “Bad Blood”

Ryan Adams 1989Ryan Adams’ full cover album of Taylor Swift’s “1989” is finally available for pre-order. In early August, the singer-songwriter most associated with producing music categorized as alt-rock or country-punk announced that he was working on this project, even posting on Instagram that he was working on a version of Taylor’s “Welcome to New York” that would be “the saddest version…or your tears back.”

Ryan Adams Instagram PostAfter fans picked up on it the news got back to Taylor who seemed shocked and excited. Taylor Swift 1st TweetEver since then Ryan has been in the studio recording versions of every track on Taylor’s popular album. While Ryan has posted short teasers of various songs throughout the process, yesterday he took a major step and released his full cover of Taylor’s “Bad Blood.” The re-make is in some ways the opposite of Taylor’s pop version; where Taylor’s take is meant to be brash, Ryan’s interpretation is introspective.

Taylor has been very supportive of the album, even admitting that Ryan “helped shape [her] songwriting” and urging fans to check out the album. Taylor Swift TweetTaylor Swift Tweet 2The full album, Ryan tweeted, is available for pre-order and will officially drop on September 21st.

You can check out Ryan’s version of “Bad Blood” below.

What do you think of Ryan’s cover compared to Taylor’s original?

(Photo credits: Ryan Adams’ Instagram and Twitter accounts; Taylor Swift’s Twitter account)

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