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In Case You Haven’t Noticed, Taylor Swift is Reassembling her Squad

Taylor Swift NYEWith footage of her Reputation Stadium Tour concerts now officially committed to video on Netflix and Kanye West a shadow of his former self, Taylor Swift seems determined to put the whole Reputation era / snake thing to rest. Apparently, that means that she has become comfortable again reassembling a squad … a squad that is likely to be a lot more loyal (and carefully-chosen) this time around.

Taylor posted pics from one of her first celebrity friend blow-outs in quite a while last night. To celebrate New Year’s Eve, Taylor had her friends all dress up in costumes as their favorite childhood heroes (or heroines). Taylor chose to dress up as a sexy Ariel from Continue Reading →

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Taylor Swift Confirms Kidnapping Blake Lively’s Kid For “Gorgeous”

Taylor Swift Confirms Kindapping Blake Lively's Kid For GorgeousA fan theory that a squad member in training appears on Taylor Swift’s “Reputation” turns out to be true. With the release of her new album, Taylor confirmed that the child’s voice on the intro of her previously released single “Gorgeous” belongs to the daughter of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds.

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Taylor Swift Stays In Hiding As She Brings Joe Alwyn On A Double Date With Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds

Taylor Swift Stays In Hiding As She Brings Joe Alwyn On A Double Date With Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds featureTaylor Swift is apparently bringing her boyfriend Joe Alwyn around her friends. Reports indicate that Taylor and Joe spent last weekend with Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds on a double date in Rhode Island. The singer’s secretive new lifestyle is only getting less and less public as she continues to hide her relationship Joe from paparazzi, Instagram followers and the world.

Blake and Ryan both came to Taylor’s Fourth of July festivities last year. While Taylor hasn’t thrown any big events like that star-studded bash lately, she’s clearly still out and about rubbing elbows with other celebrity couples. If and when she decides to become a public figure again, there’s no doubt stars like Blake and Ryan will still be by her side.

Hopefully, she’s got a matching set of luggage with four big suitcases in case anyone wants to go out in the meantime.

(Photo credit: Blake Lively Instagram account)

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Gigi Hadid, Camila Cabello And The Squad Dress Up Like Real Friends For Taylor Swift’s Halloween Party

camila cabello gigi hadid and more get creepy for taylor swift's halloween party featureTaylor Swift loves to throw a party. The “Bad Blood” singer seized the chance to have one for Halloween on Monday, and several friends helped her get into the spirit. Gigi Hadid, Camila Cabello and other squad members turned out for Taylor’s bash.

Gigi showed off her “last minute” costume, tweeting out a paparazzi shot of herself on the way to the party. She was able to patch together a costume as a Cub Scout for the night. Camila went with an inside joke for her look, wearing a fat suit and holding a sign that said “Meredith is missing.” Meredith, one of Taylor’s cats, was a part of the costume, too–in the form of a stuffed cat stuck to Camila’s butt.

Unsurprisingly, the real star was Taylor. The singer drew on her close relationship with Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds to get her hands on a Deadpool costume. The superhero get-up Taylor wore for her party was gifted to her by the action star himself.

camila cabello gigi hadid and more get creepy for taylor swift's halloween party ts ig post 3 caption

Martha Hunt and Lily Donaldson joined Taylor, Gigi and Camilla to celebrate Kennedy Rayé’s birthday in combination with Halloween.

Check out pics from Taylor’s party below.

(Photo credits: Taylor Swift and Camila Cabello Instagram account)

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