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Liam Hemsworth Speaks Out On Australia’s Same Sex Marriage Vote

Liam Hemsworth Speaks Out On Australia's Same Sex Marriage Vote featureLiam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus’ share a lot more than silly kisses on camera and palpable sexual energy. The two are both outspoken supporters of the LGBT community, as well.

The voters of Australia have until November 7 to mail in a ballot on legalizing same sex marriage. The actor took to Instagram to urge his home to vote affirmative on the legalization of same sex marriage.

Liam shared a photo of the continent as a rainbow flag with the caption, “personally do not believe that same sex marriage should come down to a vote. I believe it’s a HUMAN RIGHT to be able to marry the person you love regardless of gender. To all the Australians that care about equality and human rights please say YES to same sex marriage. Let’s not be silly about this. Vote YES for same sex marriage in Australia.”

See Liam’s Instagram message below.

(Photo credit: BRLiamHemsworth Twitter account)

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