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Sophie Turner Brings Her Favorite Accessory, Joe Jonas, To San Diego Comic-Con

Sophie Turner brings Joe Jonas to SDCCAll of the fanboys and girls have made their way to San Diego this weekend for the mecca of all comic and sci-fi conventions. Sophie Turner attended the event on Friday with her boyfriend Joe Jonas not too far behind her.

“He’s a good accessory,” Sophie said about her go-to plus one. Sophie and Joe’s time together was crashed by Frankie Jonas, who like Nick Jonas, is enjoying the perks of Joe’s relationship. The “Game of Thrones” actress didn’t just talk about her man, but also threw in her two cents on that infamous Ed Sheeran cameo. “I thought he killed it,” she admit. “Ed Sheeran is a hero! No one slay Ed Sheeran! That’s rude.”

“Game of Thrones” viewers should consider themselves lucky for Ed gracing their screens. If it was up to Sophie, someone else would’ve been making a cameo. “I was kind of mad because I’ve been talking about [Justin] Bieber coming on the show for a while now. But it’s fine, I’m over it,” she joked.

Watch her full interview and video of her and Joe below.

(Photo credit: Sophie Turner Instagram account)

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