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Ed Sheeran Raps His Way Through Latest Release, “Eraser”

Ed Sheeran Is A Rapper For His New Song Eraser featureTuesday marks what Ed Sheeran calls the seventh anniversary of his career’s launch. To celebrate, he joined forces once again with SBTV, the music network that released a video for his song “You Need Me, I Don’t Need You” back in 2010. Ed performed a new track, “Eraser,” from his upcoming full-length, “Divide.”

“Eraser” is an uptempo rundown of Ed’s biggest regrets and struggles growing up and becoming famous. The singer recounts difficulty getting along with his dad and how hard it is to stop smoking and Ed practically raps through most of it.

Listen to Ed’s latest release below.

(Photo credit: SBTV: Music YouTube account)

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