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Jaden Smith Raps So Hard He Passes Out On Stage

Jaden Smith Rapped So Hard He Passed Out On Stage featureJaden Smith has a lot of different talents, and he always seems to go hard with them. Whether he’s rapping, acting or making a fashion statement, Jaden doesn’t like to hold back. But that’s a little riskier when he’s on stage performing instead of on a movie set or a red carpet.

His high-energy output appeared to catch up with him on stage over the weekend. Video surfaced online of Jaden performing his song “Scarface” shirtless at a live show. Jaden had the crowd eating out of his hand while he was finishing up the track, Jaden passed out.

Jaden only had a few words left on the song when his eyes shut and he collapsed backwards on the stage. He went down soft and somehow managed not to drop his mic. That might make the faint seem like a stage move, but the way another performer rushes to his side makes it look legit.

Jaden appeared to have recovered in another video. With his shirt back on, he was back up and rapping again.

Watch Jaden’s go too hard for his own good below.

(Photo credit: Jaden Smith Instagram account)

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