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Bella Thorne Is Done Explaining Her Relationship With Scott Disick…For Now

Bella Thorne is over the Scott Disick talkBella Thorne is over all of the gossip surrounding her relationship withScott Disick and she thinks it’s time everyone else moves on as well. The actress attended the iGo.Live event on Wednesday night during which, in her own words, she said the Scott questions are played out.

“I have absolutely nothing to say,” she explained about her relationship with the father of three. “We’re friends. Deal with it. People can be friends, it’s a thing. It actually happens, so get over it, guys.” The actress may have friend-zoned Scott, but she did reveal that there was someone in particular that she’s crushing on.

“I have my eye on [someone],” Bella divulged without giving any names. “I’m sure you’ll figure it out soon enough.” Bella has been linked to not only Scott, but also her ex Gregg Sulkin, recently. The actress has been spending a lot of time with singer blackbear lately and has even been trying to get Dove Cameron‘s attention.

Watch Bella’s interview below.

(Photo credit: Bella Thorne Instagram account)

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In Case You Were Wondering, Bella Thorne Did Not Have Sexual Relations With Scott Disick

Bella Thorne Spills Her Own TeaBella Thorne spilled her own tea when she sat down with Jenny McCarthy on her SiriusXM radio show. The actress was just her honest self when talking about her relationships with Scott Disick, Charlie Puth and Tyler Posey.

“I was never with him sexually,” Bella admitted while talking to the on-air personality. The actress has been very adamant about making sure the public knows that she and Scott’s relationship is platonic, although him ditching her in Cannes made her feel some type of way. Using the word “yo” as many times as possible, Bella also broke down what actually happened in her love triangle with Charlie Puth and Tyler Posey.

“OK, honestly, Ty and I stopped dating, and that was really difficult for me. It’s definitely one of the hardest breakups I’ve been through,” Bella said. After seeing Charlie’s desperate attempts to get in touch with her via social media, the two went to the movies and later on Bella flew out to meet the singer in Miami.

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Glutton For Punishment: Bella Thorne Reunites With Scott Disick For A Boozy L.A. Night

Masochism At Its Finest: Bella Thorne Reunites With Scott Disick For A Boozy LA NightThe flowers worked and Scott Disick seems to be back in Bella Thorne’s good graces—after all, they have been “chillin.'” The father of three and the 19-year-old actress were spotted partying hard into the wee hours of Friday for Lana Del Rey’s birthday bash.

Footage caught the two on their way out of 1 OAK with a mysterious blonde. They were all holding hands as they squeezed into the back of a car.

Before the grand exit, Bella documented a lot of the night’s antics via Snapchat. She cozied up to the aforementioned blonde and even found time to give someone a few seconds of fame that’ll likely come back to haunt her.

The video shows a guy at the club giving Bella a smooch on the cheek. “I hope Scott doesn’t kill me,” he says as Bella laughs it off.

Check out the videos below.

(Photo credit: JVirtuais Twitter account)

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Busted! Bella Thorne’s Buns Out Photo Reportedly Taken In Scott Disick’s Backyard

Turns Out Bella Thorne Was Posing With Scott Disick's Beef In That Burger Bikini Pic featureBella Thorne is busted. After the actress shared some pics of herself enjoying a burger in a skimpy bikini, sharp eyes at TMZ reportedly recognized the backyard as Scott Disick’s. Bella has previously stated that she is still “chillin” with Kourtney Kardashian’s baby daddy and this pic proves it.

TMZ unearthed another pic of Scott’s pool that appeared in another shot from Bella. After Scott reportedly humiliated her in Cannes, France, it seemed like Bella might cut ties, but she’s sticking by Scott’s side despite his reputation and the 15 year age difference.

See the side-by-sides of Bella and Scott’s backyard here.

(Photo credit: Bella Thorne Twitter account)