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Taylor Swift Nude Selfies Obtained By Hacking Her iPhone And iCloud Account + Twitter Messages To Lena Dunham And Zedd

tumblr_nixu4ol2H41suroaro1_500lena-zedd (1)lena-zedd (2)Taylor Swift’s hacker @notVeri claimed that he has ‘six’ naked selfies of Taylor Swift taken from a full backup of her iPhone that he downloaded from her iCloud. Taylor denied she has any nudes for us. Veri said that he’s attempting to sell the images to TMZ and has already turned down an offer. Veri also obtained direct Twitter messages to Zedd, Lena Dunham and more that he is selling to different websites.

Do YOU think Taylor has anything to hide?!

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Report, Kris Jenner Encouraging Kylie Jenner To Brandish Her Boobs & Lips On Instagram To Make Money

daddys-girls (5)Bruce is upset that Kris Jenner is encourage their baby girl Kylie to brandish her tits and lips for her underage Instagram follower. A friend told NEW! magazine: ‘Kris is all about publicity, it doesn’t matter what kind. She taught Kim well, and Kim has made millions of dollars from her sexy selfies. Now Kylie wants to be the next Kim.’

Kylie is a child in Bruce’s mind. She’s the youngest and still his baby. He’s all for her posting selfies, just not this kind. But Kylie won’t listen. She’s jealous of all the attention her sisters get and wants the same.

She thinks it’s her time to show off her fabulous figure. Bruce wants Kris to talk to Kylie about it and says it’s irresponsible that she’s not stepping in. They had a furious row over it because Kris thinks it’s fine.’

Another insider revealed: ‘Bruce thinks Khloe’s decision to get cosmetic filler in her lips influenced Kylie.. for a teenager to get lip injections is just tremendously sad to Kylie’s dad.’ Kris allowed the lip injections, but Bruce wishes Khloe would have talked Kylie out of it.

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