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Rihanna Kick Starts The Countdown To Fenty Beauty Launch

Rihanna Starts The Countdown To Fenty Beauty Launch, So It's Officially Not Too Early To Camp Out By Sephora featureWhen Rihanna announced that she was launching her own line of beauty products, a few sample pics of holographic lip color attracted a lot of eyes. The partnership with Sephora and Harvey Nichols is certain to take the world by storm when it drops. Rihanna has made headlines for tiny movie roles and the way she rides a jet ski, so the launch of her line with the major makeup brand is sure to have people talking.

Now, the anticipation can truly start building as Rih has announced the line has a launch date. She took to Instagram to share the new information, writing that the countdown to the debut “starts now.” That was enough to excite some of her fans, who already can’t wait to get in line for their chance to pick up the goods.

Check out Rihanna’s announcement and some responses below.

(Photo credit: Rihanna Instagram account)

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