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Is It A Comeback? Adele Signs New Deal For Stateside Performing Rights

Is It A Comeback? Adele Signs New Deal For American Performing Rights featureAdele has made it sound like she’d never tour again. Adele announced that she was canceling the end of her last tour just days after a letter she wrote made it seem like she might stop touring forever. She’s been quiet since the cancellation–literally, she’s been using sign language to try and preserve her voice. Despite her struggles with the spoken word, Adele can clearly still sign her name.

The proof of that comes from a new report claiming Adele has signed a new deal with SESAC (the Society of European Stage Authors and Composers) for her performing rights representation in the United States. Apparently, SESAC will be handling all the legal business for Adele when it comes to performing live in the U.S., including live performances on stage, radio or TV. Anyone wanting to cover “Hello” or “Rolling in the Deep” has to go through SESAC to get the rights.

The move is a change for Adele, who was signed to BMI. SESAC, BMI and ASCAP are the three big performing rights names in the country, and Adele has moved to the smallest of the three. But does the move mean anything for her live performances?

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