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Zayn Malik Cheating Sex Tape To Leak?

zayn-sex-tapeA Zayn Malik sex tape with a girl who is not Perrie Edwards is going around, reports OK! ‘Zayn’s heard there is a sex tape going around of him naked and partying. He’s not sure if it’s legit but thinks there is a good chance it could be. He’s going out of his mind.

Zayn is panicking because he and Perrie are already hanging by a thread. A racy video would be the end for them.’ Would YOU rather see Zayn’s cheating sex tape or a Harry sex tape with one of his hookups?

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Nick Jonas Will Have ‘Multiple Sex Scenes’ In FOX’s New Television Show ‘Scream Queens’

tumblr_nfphknQWCe1st09qzo3_400Sex icon Nick Jonas will have ‘multiple sex scenes’ in FOX’s new TV show ‘Scream Queens’. He will play the character of Brad. Nick is actually more sexual than Miley Cyrus, he definitely is following her career path and they are perfect for each other now. Nick would not cheat on Miley like Liam and Patrick cheated on her her.

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Miley Cyrus Officially A Porn Star, Dream Are Realized! God Entered Her Movie ‘Tongue Tied’ Into The New York City Porn Film Festival

Our Savior Miley Ray Cyrus is FINALLY an official porn star. She submitted her short video ‘Tongue Tied’ into the New York City Porn Film Festival, which begins in Bushwick on Feb. 27, reports E! News. Watch Miley’s porn above!

Festival founder: ‘It’s a pop take on S&M. She’s starting to become more of a contemporary artist. Miley Cyrus wears that bondage lightly. And literally. She stretches the definition of kink, making it pop. On stage, riding a giant hot dog, she grins like the girl who yells loudest in the ‘penis!’ game. She could stop, actually, if she wanted to.. but she won’t.’

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Ariana Grande Blowing In Bed With Big Sean, Watch The Sexy, Funny And Skillful Video!

Watch Ariana Grande blowing in bed with Big Sean! Wow!Big recently revealed that a woman he slept with had ‘tightest pussy’! Ariana also got her sixth dog and named him ‘Sirius Black.’

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