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Justin Bieber Serves As An Extra In Skrillex’s Latest Music Video

Just So Everyone Is Aware- Skrillex Knows Justin BieberJustin Bieber makes a brief cameo in a new video project from his pal Skrillex. The short film titled “The Same Place” features a ton of celebrity cameos, mainly from artists Skrillex has collaborated with in the past. Justin makes the cut for a few brief seconds in between the likes of Rick Ross, Chance the Rapper and .

Justin’s in a couple of shots in the middle of a cameo montage. He and Skrillex look like they’re jamming or practicing, maybe in the lead-up to “Sorry” or “Where Are Ü Now?” The duo survived a possible legal challenge to “Sorry” when Skrillex had the receipts to shut down an accuser’s plagiarism claim.

If only all of Justin’s legal battles were resolved so easily.

Check out Skrillex’s video below.

(Photo credits: Skirllex and Justin Bieber Instagram accounts)

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Jared Leto, Who Gives Used Condoms As Gifts, Files Appeal In TMZ-Taylor Swift Case On “Moral” Grounds

jared leto used condoms as gifrst tmz taylor swift files appeal on moral groundsAccording to a new report from The Wrap, Jared Leto’s attorneys have allegedly filed an appeal in their case against TMZ. Jared originally sued to publisher over its publication of a video in which he said he doesn’t “give a f*ck” about Taylor Swift after listening to her album “1989.” TMZ published that video in December of 2015 and a judge to ruled in TMZ’s favor in September of 2016.

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Kylie Jenner And Tyga Add Another Woman Into The Mix For #WangSquad Campaign

Kylie Jenner and Tyga star in Wang Squad videoThe first video for Alexander Wang’s #WangSquad campaign has been released and it stars Kylie Jenner, Tyga and Skrillex. Not being able to wait to take their love fest to a more private area of the house, Kylie and Tyga get hot and heavy in the hallway before the two join another woman in the bathroom.

From there, Tyga watches from inside a bathtub as Kylie dances with the woman. Meanwhile, Skrillex stays busy by playing exclusive music while women party around him.

Watch the short campaign video below.

(Photo credit: Kylie Jenner Instagram account)

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Maybe Justin Bieber Doesn’t Need To Say “Sorry” After All

Justin Bieber may not have stolen SorryIndie artist Casey Dienel otherwise known as White Hinterland may be the one who owes Justin Bieber and Skrillex a “Sorry.” Earlier this week, the singer accused Justin and Skrillex of stealing the vocal loop for the hit song.

The DJ may have just proven those accusations wrong with a simple tweet. “SORRY but we didnt steal this @justinbieber @bloodpop,” Skrillex wrote along with a video showing that the voice allegedly belongs to a Julia Michaels and even included how he manipulated the voice.

Take a look at the video below.

Do you think Justin and Skrillex ripped off Casey?

(Photo credit: Justin Bieber Instagram account)

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