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Hailee Steinfeld Is To Blame For Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner’s Relationship

Hailee Steinfeld Is To Blame For Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner's Relationship featureIf Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s whirlwind romance makes your stomach turn, now there’s officially someone to blame. In a new interview on “Smallzy’s Surgery,” Hailee Steinfeld revealed that she was the person who brought the couple together. After collaborating with Joe and his band DNCE, Hailee was apparently instrumental in convincing her old “Barely Lethal” co-star Sophie that Joe was worth a shot.

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Father Figure Niall Horan Spent His Birthday Worrying About Harry Styles’ Fashion Sense

One Direction's Dad Niall Horan Spent His Birthday Worrying About Harry Styles' Fashion Sense featureNiall Horan isn’t exactly a dream daddy, but he’ll do in a pinch. The acoustic guitar enthusiast and avid golfer loves leading the life of a sensible middle-aged man. While his other former One Direction bandmates do their best to stay young, Niall seems eager to lean into the “cool dad” archetype.

He played that part perfectly in a new interview with Smallzy in which Niall asks after the well-being of Harry Styles. Harry was just on Smallzy’s show, and Niall spent his birthday checking in on his friend to make sure things are going okay. Niall led off by trying to play it cool as he asked, “How is my friend, Harold?”

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Little Mix Weighs In On Justin Bieber’s “Zoo Animal” Feelings

Little Mix Weighs In On Justin Bieber's Decision To Stop Taking PicturesWhile touring in the land down under, Little Mix appeared on NOVA FM’s “Smallzy’s Surgery.” The ladies were asked to discuss Justin Bieber’s decision to stop taking pictures with fans after feeling like “a zoo animal,” and they seem to feel for the “Sorry” singer.

“I do get the whole zoo thing. I mean, Justin Bieber’s on a totally different level,” Jesy Nelson says.  “Sometimes you can get people asking you for pictures who aren’t even fans of you. They just want to be like ‘Oh look who I met.'” She then said that Little Mix is “lucky” to not be “at that stage” of stardom.

The other members also chimed in about disrespecting boundaries, like a fan taking a photo when one of them is eating.

Check out the interview below.

Do you agree with Little Mix’s stance on Justin?

(Photo credit: SiriusXM Hits 1 Twitter account)

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