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Secret Genius Liam Payne Breaks Into The Top Of The Charts With A Below Average Single

Why Is Liam Payne A Spotify Secret Genius featureLiam Payne just broke into the Billboard top 10 for the first time on his own. Apparently, that means he’s getting some special treatment from music biz big wigs. But he’s apparently playing coy about just what exactly that means.

Liam shared a mysterious pic Tuesday morning. In it, a figure in all black is standing with his back to the camera. If it is Liam in the shot, he’s got the hood up on a black sweatshirt that reads “Secret Genius” across the back.

It’s an apparent reference to Spotify’s Secret Genius program. The music streaming service announced the program in June as an initiative to bring more attention to the work of songwriters in the music world.

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