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Halsey Is A Bloody Wreck In Car Crashed-Themed “Sorry” Video

Halsey Is A Bloody Wreck In Car Crashed-Themed Sorry Video featureHalsey is still reining from the “Hopeless Fountain Kingdom.” The singer has dropped a music video for a track off of her last album, and it’s part of the same story in her other “HFK” music videos. Halsey has said the entire album is a concept piece telling a “Romeo and Juliet” style story of two star-crossed lovers. So how does the new video for “Sorry” fit into the story?

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What A Shock, Justin Bieber Probably Lip Syncs

jb1Last night during his performance in Kansas City, Justin Bieber took an unfortunate tumble. The stage looks like it was covered in water, which sent him to his slippery demise. Maybe that’s why he’s always so obsessive about keeping the stage clean.

What is mysterious about the fall is that the vocals for “Sorry” kept going without missing a beat. As seen in the video, he quickly pops back up, but it seems like the damage was already done. Surprise, Justin Bieber probably doesn’t sing live at his concerts. Rumors of him lip syncing at shows started last month, with his first show of “The Purpose Tour” in Seattle.

Take a look at the short clip below.

(Photo credit: Justin Bieber Tracker Instagram Account)

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Justin Bieber Releases Dance Video For New Single “Sorry”

Justin Bieber Sorry ReleaseJustin Bieber’s new single “Sorry” is finally available. The electro-pop track, which was produced by Skrillex and Blood, was released along with a music video featuring a group of twerking female dancers.

“Sorry” is the second single to be released off his upcoming album, “Purpose,” which drops on November 13th.

Watch the music video here.

What do you think of this new video?

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