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“You’re a Thief:” Growing List of Rappers Are Not Happy With Ariana Grande’s “7 Rings”

Ariana Grande 7 Rings ControversyAriana Grande’s first trap-inspired song, “7 Rings,” just debuted today at No. 30 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart after spending much of the weekend at No.1 on iTunes’ Worldwide charts and Spotify’s streaming chart. However, a growing number of rappers and their fans are calling Ariana out for what they say are elements in the new track that seem derivative of their own music and video offerings.

The first to suggest that “7 Rings” might be derivative was rapper Princess Nokia, who posted a video of herself listening to “7 Rings” and then her own single “Mine.” In the video, the rapper reacted to some similarities in sound and lyrics. “Does that sound familiar to you?,” Princess Nokia asks in the video. “‘Cause that sound really familiar to me. Oh my God!”

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Soulja Boy Threatens To “Expose” Keke Palmer…Whatever That Means

soulja boy threatens to expose keke palmer lil yachty beef featureRapper Soulja Boy went on the defensive against Keke Palmer over the Halloween weekend. His attacks came in the midst of his beef with rapper Lil Yachty, which Keke inserted herself into by tweeting out a string of boat emojis. Soulja Boy took the tweet as Keke picking a side in the rivalry and went out of his way to threaten to “expose” her.

Soulja also tweeted a screenshot of the direct messages between himself and Keke, sharing an exchange between the two from September. But it’s hard to read what his implied threat of exposure is from the screencap, because it just makes Soulja look like he was thirsty. Keke responded to the screenshot by saying she and Soulja have “never been involved” and set Soulja straight with remarkable civility.

“We have never been anything but cool towards one another,” Keke reminded Soulja. “You are not this person.”

Soulja had the last word in the exchange, claiming that he never tried to say they had been an item. He also reminded Keke that he would “expose” her if she didn’t “let it go.”

See the exchange between Keke and Soulja below.

What do you think Soulja could expose about Keke?

(Photo credits: Keke Palmer and Soulja Boy Instagram accounts)

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