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Justin Bieber Sociopath, Selena Gomez Scared Of His Behavior, He Refuses To Stay Away Like A Stalker

bieber-stalkeJustin Bieber is borderline stalking Selena Gomez during their most recent breakup. Source told Life & Style: ‘Selena has become genuinely afraid of her ex, who has an infamous history of violent and erratic behavior.

It’s made her worried to leave the house, she thinks he’s acting like a sociopath. Bieber has no intention of letting Selena go, and he’s taken to blowing up her phone with countless texts and calls.

Selena is petrified that Bieber will show up at her house or work, and since he allegedly refuses to stay away no matter how much she asks him. Selena thinks he’s acting like a stalker. She just wants him to go away.’

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Selena Gomez Stalker Picture REVEALED

Snessa-selenaNew Selena candids HERE & HERE. + Vanessa Hudgens described Selena in 5 words. Officers arrived at the house of Selena Gomez in Calabasas, early on Friday after someone had reported a robbery. Source told TMZ that a man jumped the gate of her home, but it seems he was not a burglar but an attacker.

Che Cruz was the same who tried to break into the house of the singer on Sunday. Because the intruder who jumped the gate of his house on Saturday had just been sentenced and convicted for breaking into her house last week.

Che Cruz did not contest his charges on Wednesday for entering without authorization in the home of Selena. He was sentenced to 45 days in jail in Los Angeles and warned to stay away from Selena and her home for three years.

Two days later, due to overcrowding in the jail, he was released. And then went straight to the mansion of Selena in Calabasas, where he jumped the gate, causing someone called the police. Then he was arrested for trespassing.


Miley Is Scared Of Stalkers Like Selena

miley-cyrus-breastsMiley Ray Cyrus is considering moving to a high rise condo because of security concerns, reports Radar Online: ‘Miley’s security situation has been a massive issue for the last year, she would like to come and go as she pleases and feel safe alone in her home and that just isn’t happening with her current house.

She’s thinking of buying a condo in a downtown LA high rise instead of continue to deal with stalkers and lunatics trying to break into her hillside home at all hours of the day. Miley has talked to a bunch of other stars, including her Lindsay Lohan, who have had the same issues,

And the fix is getting an apartment in a high-end, controlled entry apartment instead of living in a big house that is only really secure against intruders who don’t know how to use a ladder. There are a lot of young professionals moving in and tons of hip new clubs and restaurants.’

Selena Gomez’s new stalker was just sentenced to 120 days in prison.

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Selena Gomez Stalker Brodnicki Is Back!

selena-gomez-stalkerThomas Brodnicki, who already has a restraining order against him for stalking Selena Gomez is after her again, reports FOX News. LAPD is actively trying to find Thomas Brodnicki, who just last month sent Selena an email violating the restraining order.

The email indicates that Brodnicki continues to be obsessed with her. He said ‘I love you more with each passing day’ and details a time and place to meet her after the restraining order expires. The LAPD says it is essential to find Brodnicki to safeguard Selena from ‘physical harm, due to Brodnicki’s prior death threats’.

In September of 2011, Brodnicki was arrested and charged with felony stalking after he travelled from Illinois to California and tried several ways to contact Selena, including trying to gain entry to Disney Studio property.

In the search warrant, police detail their interview with him at the time: ‘Brodnicki made delusional statements that he and (Gomez) were involved in a relationship and destined to be together.. Brodnicki expressed a delusion fixation.. and made several statements that he intended to kill (Gomez).’

Candids of Selena at drive-thru Starbucks HERE!

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