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Rihanna Drops A “Sledgehammer” On The New “Star Trek” Trailer

rihanna new song sledgehammer star trek beyond trailer releaseAs promised, Rihanna’s new song was released on Monday. The track, titled “Sledgehammer,” came out as the sound behind the new trailer for “Star Trek Beyond.” The full version was released on iTunes and Tidal as well. Rihanna took to Instagram to celebrate the new song’s release.

“As a Star Trek fan, I’m honored to have the theme song for the new Star Trek movie!” Rihanna captioned the announcement post.

Check out the full song and the new “Star Trek” trailer below, plus Rihanna’s Instagram announcement.

(Photo credits: Paramount Pictures and YouTube accounts; GraffitiandGlittler and BadGirlRiRi Instagram accounts)

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