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Hailee Steinfeld’s Fans Were Still “Starving,” So She Gave Them An Actual Music Video

Hailee Steinfeld Releases Music Video For StarvingHailee Steinfeld has finally satisfied her hungry fans with a music video for “Starving.” The singer released the official lyric video nearly a month ago and it left fans hankering for more, especially since she made the announcement seem bigger than what it turned out to be. That is all in the past since the official music video has been released. In the freshly dropped visual, Hailee flashes inviting looks to the camera while dancing around with a group of shirtless men. The video also features a few frames with odd backdrop choices, like one that matches her animal print dress and leaves her camouflaged.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think.

(Photo credit: Youtube)

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Hailee Steinfeld Unveils Cryptic Announcement About The Visual For “Starving”

Hailee Steinfeld Is Releasing A Visual For StarvingHailee Steinfeld shared a video on Twitter that teases the release of some sort of visual to accompany her recent single with Zedd and Grey Musique, “Starving.” The clip appears as a lyric video, but it also includes moments from live performances. “Remember that project I said I was working on?? Well it’s finally coming..TOMORROW,” words from the video read.

Some fans are assuming that the project Hailee refers to isn’t the actual music video but rather a lyric video. Others seem to think that the visual will be more of a fan tribute.

Check out Hailee’s teaser below.

(Photo credit: Z100 New York and Hailee Steinfeld Twitter accounts)

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Hailee Steinfeld Drops New Song With Zedd And Grey Musique

Hailee Steinfeld Drops New Song With Zedd And Grey Musique featureAs promised, Hailee Steinfeld dropped her new song “Starving” on Friday. The uptempo pop tune tells the tale of the pitfalls, pain and pleasure of falling in love. It also features Grey Musique and DJ Zedd.

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 1.55.21 PMHailee recently kick started her opening stint alongside Common Kings on Meghan Trainor’s “Untouchable Tour.”

Listen to a snippet of Hailee’s new song below.

What do you think of her latest track?

(Photo credit: Hailee Steinfeld Twitter account)

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