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Liam Payne Can’t Remember The Name Of His Platinum Single

Liam Payne Can't Remember The Name Of His Platinum Single featureLiam Payne was just trying to celebrate a new milestone as an artist Friday afternoon. The singer’s solo debut, “Strip That Down,” went platinum, and Liam took to Twitter to celebrate with his team and his fans.

Unfortunately, Liam apparently has more than two left feet–he also has two left thumbs. The One Direction star accidentally got the name of his own platinum single wrong in one of his tweets.

Liam blamed it on autocorrect, but fans weren’t about to let the typo slide regardless of how it happened. Almost immediately, fans began putting together Photoshopped screenshots of the song playing on their phones with Liam’s mistake as the new name.

Check out Liam’s tweet and some of the fan responses below.

(Photo credit: Liam Payne Instagram account)

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