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Alessia Cara And DNCE Announced Among Summerfest Headliners

DNCE And Alessia Cara Headlining Summerfest In Wisconsin featureDNCE and Alessia Cara have been announced as headliners for 2017’s Summerfest. The music festival in Wisconsin is a massive, eclectic affair with acts as diverse as Willie Nelson, Migos, Hanson, The Chainsmokers and P!nk. The huge event runs for almost a week and a half in Milwaukee, and DNCE and Alessia each have a night booked on the ground stage. Alessia talked with the event’s organizers about her recent rise to headliner status.

“As an unknown, I didn’t know what to expect,” she said of her song “Here” before it blew up. “All I had to go on was A) my gut instinct and B) how I wanted to be represented. ‘Here’ showed my perspective and personality and I was comfortable with the song speaking for me.” Alessia explained that she’s not going to make any compromises when it comes to her work or her public image.

“I would rather completely fail and be myself than succeed and be someone I hate,” she said. “The album title was tongue-in-cheek. Just my stubborn self speaking on what I presume to know about the world; that doesn’t necessarily make it true. So I never thought so many different people, of all ages and backgrounds and situations, would relate to my music.”

Check out the full Summerfest lineup with DNCE and Alessia below.

(Photo credits: Alessia Cara and DNCE Instagram accounts)

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