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Taylor Swift “Let It Go” With Idina Menzel For Halloween

Taylor Swift and Idina Menzel sing Frozen-2Taylor Swift ended the U.S. portion of “The 1989 Tour” yesterday and made sure to celebrate Halloween. The singer, dressed as Olaf from “Frozen,” performed “Let It Go” alongside Idina Menzel, who was dressed as Elsa.

Taylor and Idina didn’t stay in their “Frozen” costumes for long. Before Taylor sang the second verse, both women ripped off their costumes and performed the rest of the song in regular outfits.

Watch Taylor and Idina sing as the Disney characters during the Tampa show below.

(Photo credits: Taylor Swift Instagram account)

Taylor Swift and Idina Menzel sing Frozen-1

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Was Taylor Swift’s Star-Studded “1989” Tour Really Full Of Surprises?

Taylor Swift Guest Performances 14Taylor Swift has grossed $86 million during her “1989” World Tour, and managed to attract a number of A-list celebrities to appear as guest stars along the way. But how’d she manage to do it?

In an email to the Associated Press, Taylor claims “that everyone who has walked the catwalk at one of the shows was already there just to see the show. Usually I ask them in my pre-show meet and greet if they want to come out onstage, then I’ll explain to them how the stage/elevator lift works and we just wing it,” she says.

It’s hard to believe that every guest appearance was truly a surprise to Taylor, and not pre-arranged by her management. We can see Julia Roberts being in the audience with her kids or Taylor’s BFF Lorde popping in to say hello. But Wiz Khalifa and Fetty Wap? It’s also clear that acts like the Fifth Harmony performance were planned in advance, complete with matching outfits.

Do you think this is all one big publicity stunt or really just surprise appearances?

Check out the gallery below to see her many guests.

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