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Lindsay Lohan Is Hijacking Social Media For Her New TV Show

Lindsay Lohan Is Back And Hijacking Social Media For Her New TV Show featureLindsay Lohan is back after an extended hiatus from movies, TV and music to focus on activism. She shared a teaser trailer for her new TV show via Twitter, and it looks like “The Anti-Social Network” will have her taking over people’s social media to put them up to dares for cash prizes.

For the reality series, Lindsay is working her devilish grin as she takes pranking to a new level. The teaser has her enlisting the best friend of a contestant named Charlie. After pumping the pal for information, she challenges Charlie to pose nude for an art class, do some stand-up comedy and confess his true feelings to his boss.

It remains to be seen whether the comeback show will land Lindsay that “Little Mermaid” role she wants so bad.

Watch the trailer for Lindsay’s new show below.

(Photo credit: Lindsay Lohan Twitter account)

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