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Emma Watson’s Upcoming Movie Will Make You Want To Ditch Your Phone Forever

The Trailer For Emma Watson's New Movie Will Make You Want To Ditch Your PhoneWhile Emma Watson is getting ready to show off her pipes for the “Beauty and the Beast” remake, the first teaser for her new movie “The Circle” has been released. Based on what’s in it, it looks like Emma’s character will be at the center of a conspiracy to spy on everyone in the world.

The movie is about a company called The Circle, which is a fictional version of Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple or any other major tech company that makes people’s skin crawl. The story focuses on the company’s high-tech cameras that can stream live footage and how people want to use those cameras. Spoiler alert: it’s for creepy stuff.

Emma is joined in the cast by Tom Hanks and John Boyega, the “Star Wars: Episode VIII” heartthrob who could possibly play her love interest in the movie.

Check out the new teaser trailer for “The Circle” below.

(Photo credit: EuropaCorpUS YouTube account)

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