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Yara Shahidi: “Not Everybody Agrees With You And You Have To Very Much Figure Out Your Own Opinion”

Yara Shahidi Reaches Critical Levels Of Wokeness In Daily Show Interview featureYara Shahidi dropped all kinds of knowledge on Trevor Noah on Tuesday when she stopped by “The Daily Show.” In a lengthy interview about her new show, her college plans and her eagerness to start voting once she turns 18 in February, Yara also held court about what political engagement means to her and other young people in the age of President Donald Trump.

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Nick Jonas Explains What He Thinks It Means To Be Masculine

Nick Jonas talks masculinityNick Jonas appeared on “The Daily Show With Trevor Noah” Monday alongside his “Goat” co-star Ben Schnetzer to promote the upcoming film. The stars talked about how they felt differently about defining masculinity after seeing the movie.

“For me, that was the most interesting thing. This script, when I first read it, was this idea that there’s really an inability to show any intimacy with other men without being judged in some sense. That it actually comes out in violence ,” Nick says. “Using that as a way to tell the story and say, ‘Alright, these are these amazing young men who have the opportunity to actually do great things, but are so limited to their inability to just get real and get vulnerable.'”

Watch Nick’s full interview on “The Daily Show” below.

(Photo credit: The Daily Show Instagram account)

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