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Joe Jonas Recalls His Worst Date Ever And It’s Sketchy As Hell

Joe Jonas recalls worst date ever-1Joe Jonas transformed into a marionette puppet in the latest episode of Wilmer Valderrama%u2019s %u201CThe Hollywood Puppet Sh!tshow.%u201D On Tuesday night, the singer was featured retelling a story of his worst date with a woman he thirsted after for a year.

The racy segment included Joe masturbating while talking on the phone with the blue-eyed, brunette who he met while performing in Miami. %u201CFor like a year, I get stuck in this long distance friends-zone,%u201D the singer said ofthe relationship. Things finally changed for Joe when the mystery woman invited him to Miamiand the two were able to spend some alone time together–time that was cut short soon after a dinner date.

“I’m finally thinking to myself, ‘you know what? It’s go time. It’s now or never.’ So I lean in for a kiss and something’s off. I lean back and look at her and she’s 100 percent asleep,” Joe recalls. The singer spoke to Entertainment Tonight soon after the episode and even he thinks the dateraises some red flags.

“Like, all jokes aside I’m kind of glad that it happened because it makes for a great story, but at the same time, I think I was pretty close to being sent to jail that night,” he admitted. Joe doesn’t even seem to be too bothered by the Miami woman one day showing her face again.”The story could really be about a few people,” Joe says. Then adding, “She wouldn’t even remember it because she was asleep the whole time! [Laughs].”

Watch the clips of Joe’s story below.

(Photo credit: Joe Jonas Instagram account)

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