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Demi Lovato Former Addiction Almost Led To Her Being Disowned By Her Family

Demi Lovato Dishes On Her Addiction's Rock Bottom After Her Family's Final Intervention featureDemi Lovato’s promotional blitz for “Tell Me You Love Me” is in full effect. In one of several interviews she’s conducted for the release, Demi sat down on “The Jonathan Ross Show” for a chat in front of the U.K.’s late night audience. Jonathan asked Demi about the rough patch earlier in her career, and she opened up a bit about the final straw that led her to seek sobriety.

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Little Mix Sings In Japanese And Gives Twerking Lessons On “The Jonathan Ross Show”

Little Mix Sings In Japanese And Gives Twerking Instructions For Jonathan RossThe ladies of Little Mix appeared on Saturday night’s episode of “The Jonathan Ross Show” to chat about their latest and upcoming accomplishments. The interview was hijacked by high energy, Japanese singing and twerking. Jesy Nelson also defends her horrible Jamaican accent.

Perry Edwards kicks things off by talking about a scary trip to Japan that involved an earthquake. “Me and Jesy are laying in bed, having a little heart to heart,” Perry says. “She thought a man had came into our room and started shaking the bed.” The rest of the ladies chime in with jokes about Leigh-Anne Pinnock Snapchatting her way through the experience. To honor the trip, Little Mix then sang a few bars of “Wings” in Japanese.

They started talking more seriously about their recent book release and how challenging it was to open up about real issues they’ve faced. The serious tone was then interrupted by the show’s host asking the ladies to teach the other guest, Jeremy Clarkson, how to twerk. Leigh-Anne stepped up to the plate and instructed both Jonathan Ross and Jeremy.

The host then brought up a recent interview that asked the band to take on an accent challenge. Jesy recalls her struggle to produce an authentic Jamaican accent, but it wasn’t all her fault. “When we’ve gotten no sleep, we get delirious,” she says. “Someone cut off the Jamaican accent and said that was my Jamaican accent.”

Check out the interview below.

(Photo credit: Little Mix Twitter account)

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Britney Spears May Not Remember Meeting Taylor Swift, But She Knows Her Music

Britney Spears sings Taylor SwiftBritney Spears is really trying to tap into the younger market to get her album sales up. The singer recently praised Selena Gomez and her album “Revival” for inspiring her. Now the pop icon is showing love to Selena’s bestie Taylor Swift.

While making an appearance on “The Jonathan Ross Show,” Britney participated in the helium challenge where she had to sing a song after taking a breath of helium. Britney chose Taylor’s “Shake It Off.”

Singing her music may be Britney’s way of apologizing after saying she had never met Taylor, despite the fact that they met at an awards show and even snapped a picture together.

Watch the clip of Britney singing “Shake It Off” below.

(Photo credit: Britney Spears Instagram account)

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