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Lucy Hale Would Rather Not Be Compared To Selena Gomez

selenalucy1Yesterday, Lucy Hale joined the women of “The Talk” to discuss rumors surrounding the ending of “Pretty Little Liars” and celebrity dopplegangers.

The actress said that growing up she would sometimes be mistaken for, Selena Gomez and that things got incredibly awkward for her during the “Jelena” drama.

She admitted, “During the time she started dating Justin Bieber, they would try to take my phone to see if I was texting Justin Bieber. And I’m like, ‘I’ll try to take a picture with you to make your dreams come true if you think I’m Selena, but I am not.'” She said she has also been compared to Sarah Hyland, Jenna Coleman, and JoJo Fletcher from “The Bachelor.”

Given the choice, Lucy would would prefer to be compared to Jojo over the other women, even Selena. “She’s my favorite. She’s my pick,” she told “The Talk.”

Which famous celebrity would you rather look like?

Take a look at the clip below.

(Photo credit: DressScoop Twitter Account)

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