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Cole Whittle Thinks DNCE’s Sound Is Like Being At A House Party With Dragons

DNCE for tmrw mag-5DNCE is featured on the cover of tmrw Magazine‘s special five-year anniversary issue. The group sat down to talk about its sound and how Joe feels about making music with a group of people who aren’t related to him.

“I see a house party,” Cole Whittle says about envisioning the sound of DNCE. According to Cole, each room represents a song from the album. “Some of the rooms are wild and there’s snakes and smoke and dragons. Some of the rooms are filled with cake and toothbrushes,” he explains.

It’s Cole’s colorful imagination that probably makes Joe Jonas enjoy working with a group of people other than the Jonas Brothers. “We’re honest with each other and we can communicate in the right way,” the singer admits. “I mean, I did it with my family – that alone is enough to make it explode. Then you add working together and performing together on top of that and it’s like even crazier.”

Check DNCE’s tmrw cover and more photos from the shoot below.

(Photo credit: Henry Dean)


DNCE Gives A Sneak Peek Of Tmrw Magazine Project

DNCE gives sneak peek of tmrw magazineDNCE is teaming up with tmrw Magazine for an upcoming and unknown project. The publication shared a photo via Instagram showing the group in a series of polaroid shots.

No information was given about when fans can expect to see more from DNCE’s feature, but the magazine did caption the photo “coming soon.”

See DNCE’s tmrw sneak peek below.

(Photo credits: tmrw magazine and DNCE Instagram accounts)
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Shawn Mendes Tries His Best To Look Sexy For TMRW Magazine

Shawn Mendes for Tmrw mag-4Shawn Mendes did a quick interview and photoshoot with TMRW magazine and it looks like the singer tried to look as much like John Mayer as he possibly could. The singer promoted his upcoming “Illuminate World Tour,” which kicks off in the UK on April 27.

The singer’s feature is comprised of a 12-page interview, but it’s his excitement for his tour that is the highlight for TMRW Mag’s preview. “The British fans have been so supportive and this will be my first time headlining in Scotland and Manchester, as well as the o2 in London,” says the singer.

See a few of Shawn’s photos below.

(Photo credit: Shawn Mendes Instagram account)