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Calvin Harris Speaks Out Against Scandalous Rumors And Reported Breakup With Taylor Swift

Exclusive... Calvin Harris Stops By A PharmacyEarlier today Radar Online reported that Taylor Swift broke up with boyfriend Calvin Harris after, the website alleged, Taylor learned that Calvin was spotted leaving a LA massage parlor. The story only cited anonymous sources, though it was accompanied by a few photos of Calvin stepping out of what appeared to be a Thai massage parlor in broad daylight on a busy street.

However, no evidence was cited other than quotes from anonymous sources either that Taylor was upset or that the massage parlor offered any illegal services. And, in the pictures published by Radar Online, Calvin hardly looks like he was doing anything to hide his visit to the storefront massage spot.

Before fans could start the countdown to another iconic breakup song from the “Bad Blood” singer, Calvin stepped in to defend himself. Calvin is claiming that the breakup rumors are false, tweeting,”It’s not going to be a ‘happy ending’ for everyone I sue for defamation of character.” Calvin Harris TweetTaylor’s publicist, Tree Paine, also discredited the media outlet saying, “do not believe Radar Online.”Tree Paine TweetDo you think the story about Taylor and Calvin breaking up is just the media causing drama, or do you think that there’s something to the story? Do you think Radar Online is at all a credible source?

(Photo Credit: Calvin Harris and Tree Paine Twitter accounts)

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