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Justin Bieber Tries to Play Victim Card after Praising Alleged Victimizer Chris Brown

Justin Bieber Chris BrownJustin Bieber tried to play the victim card after lavishing praise upon troubled R&B singer Chris Brown on social media. On social media, Justin compared Chris – who has previously pled guilty to assaulting his then girlfriend Rihanna and is currently facing rape charges in France – favorably to both Michael Jackson and Tupac Shakur.

Of course, both Michael and Tupac faced allegations of sexual abuse, so maybe Justin’s praise wasn’t so far off the mark.

“I’m calling it now.” Justin wrote in the caption to his post “when [Chris Brown] passes away after a long full life, you will miss what you had in front of you the whole time Continue Reading →

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Ally Brooke Showed Off Some Post-Fifth Harmony Moves with Tyga on the ‘Late, Late Show’

Ally Brooke TygaAlly Brooke made her first national solo television performance of the post-Fifth Harmony era when she took the stage on The Late, Late Show with James Corden. Ally performed her current single “Low Key” with rapper Tyga live for the Late, Late Show‘s studio audience.

Ally performed the song with a small troupe of backup dancers. And for fans who followed Ally’s dance steps as part of Fifth Harmony, they will find a similar experience watching Ally’s execution of choreo as a solo act …

Watch Ally and Tyga’s appearance on The Late, Late Show below.   Continue Reading →


Pia Mia Tries for a Comeback with “Bitter Love”

Pia Mia ComebackKylie Jenner’s one time BFF Pia Mia takes a shot at becoming a real independent artist — and avoid being a “one hit wonder” — with her latest single, “Bitter Love.” The song tells a story of a woman’s desperate need to get away from an obsessive, addictive love affair.

The single is part of a larger campaign by Pia to return to a little pop celebrity relevancy — the song has already been picked up as part of the soundtrack for the After, the major motion picture based on the One Direction-inspired fan fiction series by Anna Todd. Pia also reportedly also has a role as an actress in the supporting cast of the movie.  Continue Reading →

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Ally Brooke Shares Snippets of her Debut English-Language Single as a Solo Artist

Ally Brooke Low KeyAlly Brooke teased a couple snippets from her debut English-language single as a solo artist. Ally shared the snippets of her track “Low Key” featuring rapper Tyga on her Instagram Stories.

Ally Brooke is the last of the former members of girl group Fifth Harmony to try to launch her own career as a headliner in mainstream pop music, following a pattern first set by Continue Reading →

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Apparently ‘Everyone Knows’ That Tyga Had ‘a Lot to Do’ with Kylie Jenner’s Business Success

Tyga Kylie JennerIn an interview on Nicki Minaj’s Queen Radio, rapper Tyga did not hesitate at all claiming that he helped set up his ex-girlfriend Kylie Jenner for her current success. When Nicki asked him, point blank, “if you think you helped at all” with getting Kylie established in her career, Tyga responded, “Everybody know that! It’s public. We ain’t going to run from that.”

Nicki then pressed him. “I don’t know about that … a lot of men say stuff like that, Tyga,” she said. “But what about Continue Reading →

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