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A Brief History Of Kendall Jenner’s Most Controversial Moments

A Brief History Of Kendall Jenner's Most Controversial Moments featureKendall Jenner’s Pepsi ad was so bad, the company pulled it and issued an official apology for putting her “in this position.” The spot, which had Kendall playing nice with police at a glamorized protest, has been nearly universally condemned by actual protestors and many in the media. While Kendall’s friends appear to be in mourning over the state of her career, this isn’t the first firestorm Kendall’s been through. Even though it often feels like she’s just getting started, Kendall’s got a habit of making waves–even when she’s not trying to rock the boat.

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Kendall Jenner Snags Free Lyft Rides Following Uber Drama

Kendall Jenner Snags Free Lyft Rides Following Uber Trouble featureKim Kardashian let it slip that baby sis Kendall Jenner was banned from Uber. Although few details were specified about the grounds of her trouble with the transport company, Kendall isn’t having any trouble getting around. On Friday, Kendall shared news on Snapchat that indicated that she was getting chauffeured around courtesy of rival brand Lyft.

Check out Kendall’s Snapchat below.

(Photo credit: UpdateJenner Twitter account)

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