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Cara Delevingne Drops First Episode Of Docuseries About Trip To Ugandan Refugee Camp

Cara Delevingne Drops First Episode Of Docu Series About Her Trip To A Ugandan Refugee Camp featureCara Delevingne stopped staring at Rihanna’s chest long enough to debut her new documentary series on YouTube. The model-turned-actress has dropped the first episode of her “#DoYouStories” campaign with Puma. In it, Cara remembers her visit to a refugee camp in Uganda, speaking at length about the power of the experience.

“One of the first people I talked to was a mother,” Cara remembers. She said the woman walked for two or three weeks to flee fighting in South Sudan. Cara noted hearing parents’ stories was heartbreaking, but her youthful energy made the resilience of children relatable and inspiring.

“All they want is a book,” Cara says. “Any of these kids could be the person that cures cancer. Any of these kids could be Shakespeare. They just don’t have the opportunity and all they want is an education.”

Cara promised two more episodes coming soon in the series. It looks like the “Valerian” star is trying her best to address the issues that matter the most to her in the current political climate.

Watch Cara visiting refugees below.

(Photo credit: PUMA YouTube account)

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