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In Case Anyone Forgot: Miley Cyrus Is A Vegan For Life And She Has The Tattoo To Prove It

In Case Anyone Forgot, Miley Cyrus New Tattoo Is Proof She's Vegan For Life featureMiley Cyrus loves a good statement tattoo. The singer’s body is slowly being covered with ink featuring her beloved dogs, memories with her boyfriend’s family and marijuana. But her latest tat is a different kind of ingestible plant life.

Miley got a tat of the sunflower, commonly associated with the vegan movement, on the inside of her left bicep. She posted a side-by-side pic of her new tattoo with an image of the original logo to clue fans in on the fresh ink’s meaning.

The new piece is the latest addition to what’s slowly becoming a sleeve on Miley’s left arm. Hopefully, Miley stays vegan so the tat stays relevant–unlike the pot leaf on her ankle now that she’s quit smoking.

See Miley’s new tattoo below, plus an update on all the ink on the upper half of her left arm.

(Photo credit: Miley Cyrus Instagram account)

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