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#WeNeedMore: Zendaya Partners With Verizon To Increase Minority Visibility In Technology

Zendaya joins Verizons fight for tech in schoolZendaya wants to let her younger fans know that the world doesn’t need another version of herself in Verizon’s #WeNeedMore campaign. To promote her participation, the actress sat down with Seventeen Magazine to discuss why the campaign, and minority representation in technology, is so important to her.

“It’s something that I directly I connect to because it deals with children, education and technology,” Zendaya says about her reasonings for joining the campaign. “There are a gazillion different jobs out that the are creative, interesting, and different, and not every kid has to follow what they see in the media as cool jobs.”

Her mother’s teaching background was also another reason she joined the campaign. “She implemented and brought tech into her school on her own, and it really helped her students,” Zendaya says. “It helped them to learn how to use movie-editing software and put together projects in ways beyond writing an essay.”

It’s not just younger kids the singer wants to explore the world of tech. She especially wants young girls to join the movement. “It’s time for everyone to have equal opportunities, and that means no matter what your economic class, no matter what race you are, what gender you are, you should have the same chance at success as anybody else,” she explains.

If you haven’t seen Zendaya in the latest Verizon #WeNeedMore ad, watch it below.

(Photo credit: Zendaya Instagram account)

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Zendaya Brings Students To Capitol Studios For Verizon’s New Educational Campaign

Zendaya Brings Students To Capitol Studios For Verizon's New Educational CampaignVerizon has enlisted the help of Zendaya to launch a new campaign, #WeNeedMore. The goal of the project is to help students gain access to technology and hands-on learning with the goal of sparking interest in STEM careers. Zendaya, alongside her audio engineer, took a group of students to Capitol Studios on Wednesday to introduce them to career options with music technology.

Speaking to Billboard, Zendaya explains just how important exposure to these career paths are. “Everybody wants to be a singer or rapper or actress or famous—but there’s a lot more that goes into it,” she says. “You see a movie and there’s a million people that made that one movie possible.”

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Selena Gomez Is A Musical Pop-Up Book From Hell For Verizon

Selena Gomez Is A Musical Pop-Up Book From Hell For VerizonSelena Gomez stars in a new commercial for Verizon Wireless and in it, she’s the queen of peer pressure. The singer follows a guy around as he’s listening to music on his phone. She is heard pestering him to “play it again” when her single “Kill Em With Kindness” comes on shuffle. The whole commercial is upbeat and somehow involves a lot of maple syrup.

Check out the ad below.

(Photo credit: Youtube)

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