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Demi Lovato Announces That Her New Album Is Coming “Very Soon” At Villa Mix Festival In Brazil

Demi Lovato Promises New Album Coming Soon At Villa Mix Festival In Brazil featureDemi Lovato took the stage for an all-out performance in Brazil this weekend. The singer was on stage for over an hour blasting out high notes in a sequined one-piece with her hair blown way out. Brazilian fans were eating Demi’s set up when she dropped some big news on them.

“Te amo!” Demi said. She thanked her longtime Lovatics for sticking with her before announcing, “I’m excited because I’m coming out with a new album very soon!” Demi then claimed she “went dark” on her social pages for a reason, referring to the uncharacteristic three-day break since her last post.

“Something is coming very, very soon,” she promised. “Like really, really soon.” Could it be that star-studded music video she was working on?

Watch Demi’s announcement below, plus see her entire performance in Brazil.

(Photo credit: Demi Lovato Instagram account)

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