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Kylie Jenner Shares “Inspiring” Work From Makeup Artist Who Threatened To Sue Her

Kylie Jenner Shares Inspiring Work From Makeup Artist Who Threatened To Sue Her FEATURELooks like Kylie Jenner has found a sly way to settle one of her recent legal battles. In November, an L.A. makeup artist threatened to sue Kylie over copying her work in Kylie Cosmetics promotions. The artist, Vlada Haggerty, claimed that Kylie had ripped off her dripping lips logo and copied an Instagram post for her holiday collection promotions. Now, Kylie is apparently burying the hatchet out of the courtroom.

Both Kylie and her company have shared some of Vlada’s work on their respective Instagram accounts, including the picture that was at the center of Vlada’s case. The photo of golden fingers covering a model’s eyes above red lips was what launched the controversy, and now Kylie is sharing it with her followers calling the work “inspiring.”

A new report is claiming that Vlada hasn’t filed any legal papers against Kylie and it looks like the artist might be willing to settle out of court for Instagram followers instead of money.

Kylie and Vlada’s new working friendship comes right as Kylie Cosmetics is undertaking another major launch. The Koko Collection is back in stock now, and Kylie is teasing another upcoming holiday collection.

If the new lip kits create shipping problems, poor cupid might get stuck shooting lip kits instead of arrows this year.

Check out the pics Kylie’s been sharing below.

(Photo credit: Kylie Jenner and Kylie Cosmetics Instagram accounts)

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