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Fashion’s Wannabe Bad Girl Bella Hadid Is Good Enough To Cover Vogue China

Fashion's Wannabe Bad Girl Bella Hadid Is Good Enough To Cover Vogue China featureWestern stars often have a hard time breaking into the Chinese media market. Whether it’s Justin Bieber’s “bad behaviors” or Lady Gaga’s friendship with the Dalai Lama, China’s government has a big veto stamp ready and waiting when it comes to out-of-country celebs.

Bella Hadid might seem like a prime candidate for a China ban. The dark lady of Millennial fashion doesn’t have a history of bad behavior–unless you count smoking in a museum bathroom. But Bella has a great relationship with Vogue Magazine.

That must be why she’s one of several cover stars sharing duties on Vogue China’s September issue. With her hair slicked back and a dark red lip, Bella shows off in a sheer black top embellished with sequins.

Check out her new cover below.

(Photo credit: Bella Hadid Instagram account)

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Why Are Gigi Hadid’s Fans Unhappy?

Where Are Gigi Hadid's Stomach Moles?Gigi Hadid’s cover for Vogue China was released last week, and fans are not happy with it. The model’s famous moles were photoshopped off of her skin in the cover.

Fans have since commented on the Instagram reveal with things like “Your moles are flawless! Should be on this pic” and “Put back her beauty kisses!”

Check out the photo that’s making Gigi fans unhappy below.

(Photo credit: Gigi Hadid Instagram account)

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