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Can Kendall Jenner Do Anything Right? Supermodel Accused Of Brown Face On Vogue India Cover

Can Kendall Jenner Do Anything Right? Accused Of Brown Face On Vogue India Cover feature bWhen Kendall Jenner was announced as the cover star for the 10th anniversary issue of Vogue India, it looked like she might actually get away with it. But the Internet didn’t agree. Twitter users are tearing the decision to use Kendall for the special edition to shreds. Some even think Kendall had her skin darkened to look more like an Indian woman for the cover.

“If you compare it to her past covers, you look at them and she’s definitely bronzed into an Indian face,” Harnidh Kaur told CNN. “In a country where you’re struggling with colorism and shade discrimination, to see that — it’s very insulting.” Whether or not Kendall was darkened with makeup, many were critical of the choice to use Los Angeles-born Kendall in a country that, according to CNN, struggles with an “obsession with whitening creams and light skin.”

Indian Twitter users expressed how insulted they felt by the cover. Some pointed to famous Indians like Priyanka Chopra who would’ve been a better fit. A few pointed to the 5th anniversary edition of the same magazine, which featured several famous Indian women. Others asked whether there was no one among the 1.2 billion people in India who could’ve been used instead of Kendall.

Criticism wasn’t limited to India; jabs came from all over the world. Users once again questioned Kendall’s professional judgement. Some wondered when Vogue India might make a Pepsi-style apology to Kendall for the gaffe.

See what people had to say about Kendall’s Vogue India cover below.

(Photo credit: Vogue India YouTube account)

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Kendall Jenner Might Actually Avoid Controversy On The Cover Of Vogue India

Kendall Jenner Might Actually Avoid Controversy On The Cover Of Vogue India featureKendall Jenner’s path to world conquest is taking her East this month as she covers Vogue India with an assist from guest editor Mario Testino. Mario and Kendall visited the subcontinent to do a shoot for the tenth anniversary of the the fashion magazine’s Indian edition.

So far, Kendall hasn’t faced any backlash for the new cover. But, given her history, anything’s possible.

Check out the cover, more shots from Kendall’s spread and behind-the-scenes footage from Kendall’s shoot below.

(Photo credit: Vogue India YouTube account)

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