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Charlie Puth Will Debut New Music On Tour

Charlie Puth Will Debut New Music On TourCharlie Puth’s “We Don’t Talk Tour” kicks off on September 26 and concertgoers might struggle to sing along to his setlist. The singer revealed exciting news to his fans about playing new music while on tour. Charlie didn’t mention whether or not the unreleased tracks will come together to form his next album or when any of that will be expected.

Perhaps this was the announcement that Charlie totally failed to follow through with.

Check out Charlie’s tweet below.

Are you excited to hear new music from Charlie?

(Photo credit: ConverseCxshton and Charlie Puth Twitter accounts)

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Hopefully Charlie Puth’s Tour Isn’t As Bad As His Announcement

Charlie Puth announces tour-2Tuesday morning, Charlie Puth announced that he had a huge announcement for his fans. Instead of doing an Instagram or Twitter post, he decided to go live on Facebook. The announcement wasn’t made right away, since he wanted to wait until he had 10,000 viewers which took nearly 10 minutes.

Despite delays, Charlie revealed that he would be going on the road for his “We Don’t Talk Tour.” The tour is set to kick off in Dallas on September 26.

“And that’s the big surprise. I don’t even like know what to say cause it’s like so…this is so stupid,” he added after the lifestream froze.

Watch Charlie struggle through his announcement and see the tour dates below.

(Photo credit: Charlie Puth Instagram account)

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