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Taylor Swift’s Disgusting Wedding Toast Leaked And It’s Awkward AF

Taylor Swift Told A Nasty Bathroom Joke During Her Toast At Her Best Friend's Wedding featureTaylor Swift attended her bestie’s wedding over the weekend. While she wasn’t quite as photo friendly as Hailey Baldwin was at her sister’s wedding, Taylor apparently still ended up as the center of attention as she toasted her childhood friend Abigail Anderson.

A clip of that toast surfaced online. In it, Taylor recounts a wild night with Abigail and her new husband. She uses her lyrical prowess to make a joke about hearing things in the bathroom that she didn’t want to.

“She’s running after him. There’s falling, there’s stumbling,” Taylor says as she remembers a very messy night. “They make it to the bathroom, and I heard sound that I can never un-hear.”

“And then there’s silence,” Taylor continues. “And then…” she begins before the video cuts out. Taylor never clarifies which end she heard things coming out of.

Hear Taylor toast her pal below.

(Photo credit: Vogue YouTube account)

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Take Note, Taylor Swift: Maid Of Honor Hailey Baldwin Isn’t Camera Shy At Her Sister’s Wedding

Take Note, Taylor Swift- Maid Of Honor Hailey Baldwin Is Camera Confident At Her Sister's Wedding featureTaylor Swift dodged frustrated fans outside of her best friend’s wedding in Martha’s Vineyard on Saturday. Even with her return in full effect, Taylor wanted to avoid the public at the private event. But it looks like she could learn a thing or two about sharing the joy of a wedding day from Hailey Baldwin.

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