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Meghan Trainor Unveils Depressing Visual For “Better”

Meghan Trainor releases new music videoMeghan Trainor has released the visual for her third single “Better” featuring rapper Yo Gotti. While the actual song is more of a breakup anthem, the video focuses on Meghan’s character and her alcoholic grandfather who seems to only drag her down.

Watch the full video below.

What do you think of Meghan’s video?

(Photo credit: YouTube)

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Everyone Looks Upset In The Teaser For Meghan Trainor’s “Better” Music Video

meghan trainor yo gotti better music video teaser featureMeghan Trainor posted a teaser trailer for a new music video on Instagram on Tuesday night. The short video has some scenes from the upcoming visual for her song “Better” featuring Yo Gotti.

The video looks like it could be dramatic. There’s several characters that make appearances in the teaser, and they all seem stressed out. Perhaps they aren’t fans of Meghan’s latest single.

Check out the teaser below.

(Photo credits: Meghan Trainor Instagram account; Meghan Trainor Brasil YouTube account)

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Meghan Trainor Redeems Her Fallon Fail With The Help Of Onesies And Yo Gotti

Meghan Trainor Redeems Her Fallon Fail With The Help Of Onesies And Yo GottiBack in May, Meghan Trainor wiped out while performing on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”  Meghan returned to the show on Monday night to discuss the fall and to redeem herself with another performance. She began her appearance in a giraffe onesie and she gave Jimmy a dinosaur onesie, which he immediately put on.

“I’ve already fallen on the show so I’m already embarrassing myself twice,” Meghan jokes. The singer went on to explain why she chose to air the rough performance. “I saw my face full of fear on the second try,” she says. “The first one was better. I’m gonna fall eventually one day, so let this be it.”

Later on the show, Meghan took to the stage to perform her song “Better” with Yo Gotti. She even convinced the rapper to wear her trademark sequin look because coordination is everything. The performance was executed without so much as a slip, and Meghan took to Instagram to sing her own praises.

Check out Meghan’s interview, performance and Instagram reactions below.

(Photo credit: Youtube and Meghan Trainor Instagram account)

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Meghan Trainor Releases “Better” Featuring Yo Gotti

Meghan trainor betterAfter teasing its release earlier this week, Meghan Trainor has officially dropped her latest track “Better.” The song features rapper Yo Gotti and is the third song the singer has released from her upcoming album “Thank You.”

Listen to Meghan’s latest song below.

How does “Better” compare to Meghan’s previous songs?

(Photo credit: Meghan Trainor Instagram account)
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