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Busy Body Bella Thorne Has An Old New Movie Coming To Netflix

Busy Body Bella Thorne Has An Old New Movie Coming To Netflix featureBella Thorne stays busy. The latest news on the career front for Bella is her movie “You Get Me” is part of a new deal between Netflix and Awesomeness, the film’s distributor. According to a Variety, Bella’s movies will hit the streaming service on June 16.

The film, which is “billed as a teen version of ‘Fatal Attraction,'” is part of a blitz by Awesomeness to secure its stake in the Generation Z market. Targeting an audience born around the year 2000, the company is including Bella’s movie in a slate of programming aimed at a teenage demographic.

In discussing the movie last year, Bella said she was excited for fans to see the side of her that’s “a little bit crazy.” She plays a seductress who gets Taylor John Smith’s character into a mess when they hook up during a fight with his girlfriend. Things get more complicated when Bella, who plays a new girl in town, has eyes for someone else in school.

Bella hasn’t slowed down since filming the project in the spring of 2016. She’s even invited her fans to visit some of her more recent sets.

See a tweet from Awesomeness with a screenshot from the movie below, plus check out a post from Bella about the release date.

(Photo credit: Bella Thorne Instagram account)

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Even Bella Thorne Thinks She’s “A Little Bit Crazy”

Bella Thorne is crazy and proudBella Thorne is excited for fans to see her crazy side in the upcoming film “You Get Me.” The actress spoke to ET Canada and was proud of her character’s sheer insanity. “You know, I like to think I’m a little bit crazy anyway so to let out that side of me is really great,” she says.

The former Disney star added that she grew up watching horror films, so filming the upcoming film was “dope.”

Take a look at the cast’s interview with ET Canada below and see more from Bella here.

Are you looking forward to seeing Bella’s creepy side?

(Photo credit: Bella Thorne Instagram account)

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Bella Thorne Shamelessly Poses For Paparazzi

Bella Thorne Spotted On The Set Of 'You Get Me'Yesterday, Bella Thorne was spotted on set for her upcoming film “You Get Me.” The actress stomped her way to the snack cart in thigh-high boots, posing for paparazzi along the way. Bella worked her best angles, because if you know you’re being photographed, why not take advantage of it?

A little while later, the actress was seen filming a different scene on the beach. Bella looked a little bit chilly, but that didn’t stop her from waving to photographers.

See the photos below.

(Photo credit: Dunkin D/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES)


Bella Thorne Poses For The Paparazzi

Bella Thorne & Halston Sage On The Set Of 'You Get Me'Bella Thorne continues to film for upcoming movie “You Get Me.” So far, the actress has brought attention to its production after being spotted filming a make-out scene with costar Nash Grier.

In these latest photos taken from set, Bella seems to understand that she’s swarmed by paparazzi. The actress strolls back to her trailer with a drink in hand before she pauses on the steps to smile for the camera.

Check out the photos below.

(Photo credit: Dunkin D/FAMEFLYNET)