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Liam Payne Recounts Bizarre Elevator Ride With Ed Sheeran, Harry Styles And Taylor Swift

Liam Payne Recounts An Awkward Elevator Ride With Ed Sheeran, Harry Styles And Taylor SwiftLiam Payne’s friendship with Ed Sheeran goes all the way back to his One Direction days and, as it turns out, Ed knows how to make an awkward situation even more awkward. Chatting with Z100, Liam came clean about a bizarre experience involving an elevator, his parents, Ed, Harry Styles and Taylor Swift.

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Hailee Steinfeld Hits “Rock Bottom” On Elvis Duran

Hailee Steinfeld Hits Rock Bottom With Elvis DuranHailee Steinfeld stopped by “Elvis Duran And The Morning Show” this morning and chatted with the host about her EP “Haiz,” working with DNCE, and the music that inspires her.

Hailee also performed an acoustic version of her new song “Rock Bottom.”

You can watch the interview and performance below.

(Photo credit: Youtube)

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Halsey To Close Out “Badlands Tour” At Madison Square Garden And Credits Her Success To Staying Authentic

Halsey on Elvis DuranAfter teasing fans yesterday about a “massive announcement,” Halsey revealed on the Z100’s “Elvis Duran Show” this morning that she will be closing out her “Badlands Tour” on August 13, 2016 at Madison Square Garden.

“I’m so nervous right now…I’m shaking,” Halsey said before sharing her final tour date with Elvis Duran.  Halsey then explained why making the announcement on Z100 was such an important milestone for her.  The “New Americana” singer grew up in New Jersey and admitted that Z100 “has been the soundtrack to my life..and the fact that I get to be part of the soundtrack of someone else’s life right now, pinch me!”

Elvis seemed to be equally awed that Halsey was on his show. “I’ve been around forever, but every once in a while, you hear an artist that gets your attention,” the veteran radio host told the 21 year-old singer.  He went on to say “Let’s be honest, we play the same songs over and over…but when I heard ‘New Americana’…you’re the reason why I come into work in the morning.” Continue Reading →

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