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Justin Bieber Tops Most Wanted List For The “Saved By The Bell” Musical

Justin Bieber Is Wanted For A Saved By The Bell Musical featureJustin Bieber often finds himself wanted, but, for once, it’s not by the law. Peter Engel, the producer behind the television show “Saved by the Bell” is preparing to mount a stage production and shared who he would’ve liked to play the starring role of Zack Morris.

“Five years ago, it would’ve been Justin Bieber as Zack if we could’ve gotten him,” Peter told TMZ. “In fact, I offered it to him, but I was just playing around.” Peter would’ve loved to get a 2012 Justin in the role, but he thinks the singer is too old now.

“I do want a Justin Bieber type who’s young,” Peter admitted. “I want them to be somewhere between 18 and 22 so we can believe that they’re high school kids.”

Who do you think would be good for the role of Zack?

Hear everything Peter had to say about the “Justin Bieber type” he wants below.

(Photo credit: DJ Khaled VEVO YouTube account)

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