5 Things You Need to Know about iPhone Security

iPhone has emerged as the most popular mobile phone in the recent years; it has made it extremely easier and convenient for people to share their experiences and thoughts with each other. But on the other hand, theft of information from mobile phones has increased manifolds over the years which have called on the urgent need to take security measures to safeguard one’s valuable data. Experts have spent months trying to find solutions to combat this situation and they have come up with five of the best solution to add security to your iphone, read on to find out how.

Deactivate iCloud

You may not know that a recent incident involving leaked pictures of celebrities were found doing rounds on iCloud and this created quite a commotion. Simply deleting the picture from the device will do little to solve this problem, as the photo is stored on the iCloud too. To stop from this from happening you should turn off the sync. This way you can ensure that your data, pictures and other information will not get stored in iCloud.

Disable Siri on lock screen

There is no doubt that Siri can be a fantastic feature on the phone, however this feature can leak information that you wish to keep only to yourself. The best part is that you do not have to eliminate it but you can restrict it from initiating on the lock screen. The downside of this feature is that this can interact with anyone and not only with the owner. You can achieve this with the following steps:

• Click on settings
• Click on passcode
• Select option Allow Access if locked
• Select Siri and turn it off

Enable dual verification for iCloud and Apple ID

Adding a single lock is good but adding two will make things better, so it would be wise if you configure a dual verification as and when it is found for iCloud and Apple ID. When you decide to set up this dual verification you must make sure to register a few trusted devices that will receive a four digit code for verification. After this every time you decide to use the App store to make purchases you will be required to submit the 4 digit code and your password.

Disable notification from the lock screen

It is a myth that strong passwords will protect your data particularly if it appears on the lock screen. Emails and messages may sometimes contain very sensitive and confidential information, so the less those appear on the lock screen the better it is for you as that will safeguard your sensitive information from passing to a third party.

Downloading Anti theft application on your phone

Well, sensitive data from your phone is not the only thing that could fall into the wrong hands, in certain cases your favorite phone bought using the Flipkart offers might get stolen in the first place. Prey Anti Theft is one such application that takes a picture of the thief using your phone via the front camera. The application monitors the movement of your phone through GPS. Though the app is not a free one it is still worth buying as it can be truly helpful in some situations.

So, these are some of the extremely useful tips that you can use to add protection to your iPhone as a whole, whether it’s the data or the phone itself. If you follow these tips you can prevent your phone from falling into the wrong hands and being misused. So get started right away with these iPhone security measures and protect your phone.

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